What we do.

> Where we come in.

Jurygroup supports your message strategy for the entire litigation process – from discovery to closing argument. We help you acquire the evidence to support your message and communicate it to your clients, opponents, mediators, arbitrators, judges and juries. We create computer graphics, animations and videos that work together to deliver your message clearly and convincingly.

> We speak your language.

Our consultants understand the litigation process and legal terminology. We’ll listen closely to your legal strategy and the details of your case. Then we’ll help you consolidate your message into simple themes that the jury will remember. We’ll translate those themes into powerful graphics to reinforce your message throughout the litigation process.

> Consult at our expense.

Will Jurygroup be able to help you in your next case? We’ll help you find out at our expense. A Jurygroup consultant will talk with you about your case to learn about your key issues and legal strategy. Then we'll recommend a message strategy that will promote your legal goals. We’ll make our proposal in writing so you can share the recommendations with your client.