Who we are.

> David Weinberg,
Attorney at Law –
Chief Executive Officer

For more than 25 years, Jurygroup founder David Weinberg has been advising trial lawyers on high-tech strategies for high-dollar litigation. Mr. Weinberg leads a team of multidisciplinary professionals drawn from the fields of computer graphics, videography, television and print journalism, behavioral science, business, finance, construction, engineering, forensics, investigation and health care. With his direction, they will help you build and employ powerful visual themes that you can use day-after-day to reinforce your litigation strategy. Mr. Weinberg frequently appears on national television to demonstrate the forensic reconstruction of major news events. He is a member and speaker in the American Academy of Forensic Science, and is active in the American Bar Association, where he has chaired the Committee on the Use of Technologically Sophisticated Evidence, and the ABA General Practice Section’s Technology Group. He is the editor of Computer Animation in the Courtroom: A Primer, a multimedia publication of the American Bar Association

> Dr. Darlene Shelton

Dr. Darlene Shelton is an authority on cross-cultural psychology, body language and micro behaviors. She will profile jurors likely to support or oppose your case. She will advise you on approaches to voir dire that will bring hidden attitudes to light and help you spot hostile jurors you might not recognize. She will advise you on jury selection and recommend crucial themes, words and images that will maximize communications with your jury panel, whatever their background. Dr. Shelton speaks frequently before the American Bar Association about psychological profiling. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Connecticut and Kentucky. She has served on the research faculties of the University of Miami School of Medicine and Yale Medical School. She has been a consultant on racial/ethnic issues for federal, state and municipal goverments. Dr. Shelton is a member of the American Psychological Association Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues and the Media Psychology Division. She recently chaired the Ethnic Diversity Task Force of the Connecticut Psychological Association. Dr. Shelton has been honored by the White House for her work with disadvantaged communities and is cited in multiple volumes of Marquis’ Who’s Who.